Thursday, June 9, 2011

Dungeon Siege III demo released for PS3 and PC via Steam.

The downloadable demo was first available on the Xbox 360, and a week later on the other platforms.

Dungeon Siege III is an action role-playing game developed by Obsidian Entertainment and soon to be published by Square Enix on Ps3, Xbox 360, PC and OnLive. Part 3 will be released in Europe - 17 June, North America - 21 June and Japan - 28 July. Original creator of Dungeon Siege, Chris Taylor served as an advisor during the development of the game. This will be the first in the series to be published by Square Enix, after it acquired full ownership of the Dungeon Siege franchise .

The demo is available through Steam (Valve Corporation platform) . All you need to do is download Steam, create a free account and browse the demo section of the platform for the game.

Dungeon siege III demo is playable with 2 out of the 4 available characters in the retail version. It has 3 difficulty levels: Casual, Normal and Hardcore, the last difficulty level being "not for the feint heart, or those prone to throwing controllers", which is kinda like saying don`t hate us for driving you mad, we warned you in a funny way about it, tee hee.

On a personal note, i found the voice acting a bit poor, just to be mended by nice graphics once the game started. I really find the "Player Menu" weird but i do like the equipment comparison system, they kept it sweet and simple. I`ve noticed 3 skill Tiers, probably level-based unlockables and also recieving "Proficiency Points" along side the usual talent point, upon leveling up. Enjoy the game!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Cataclysm Video Update: Twin Peaks Battleground

Located within the Twilight Highlands, the Twin Peaks remains a crucial point of high ground for staging effective and debilitating attacks against the black dragonflight and the Twilight's Hammer, who dominate this foreboding environment. And now, two previous occupants of the nearby city of Grim Batol vie once again for control of the peaks' defenses. The Wildhammer clan, architects and original owners of the once-great fortress city, maintains some operations in forested outposts of the highlands. The Wildhammers now call upon heroes of the Alliance to help claim the peaks and fend off the Dragonmaw orcs. The Dragonmaw clan, having spent years working to enslave red dragons, once again provides strategic importance to the Horde. As the Dragonmaw and Wildhammers fight for territory they once called home, the Alliance and Horde carry out the struggle to control the Twin Peaks.

Capture the Flag

Twin Peaks is a new 10 vs. 10, capture-the-flag-style battleground. Much like in Warsong Gulch, players must work to dominate variable terrain, infiltrate the enemy base, and steal the enemy flag, returning it to their fortress while remaining in control of their own flag. The first faction to capture three enemy flags before time expires will win the battle.

Dominating the Terrain

Although the Wildhammer and Dragonmaw bases are virtually identical, the terrain surrounding each base is not. Players will need to work to control an asymmetrical field where the mountain peaks are divided by a valley river. A single bridge over the river serves as a choke point in the center of the map; although deep, the river can be crossed. On either side of the river sits an outpost where temporary character enhancements can be claimed. In addition, tree stumps and rocks throughout the valley create strategic points for you to use line of sight to your advantage. To prevent absolute domination by one faction through its control of the enemy graveyard, the Horde and Alliance players resurrected in Twin Peaks will spawn from one of two graveyards per faction.

Wildhammer Longhouse

Serving as the Alliance stronghold in the north, the Wildhammer Longhouse hovers above the valley, atop a series of plateaus. With three entrances to the complex, players have two primary means of reaching the longhouse: scaling the plateaus to the northwest, or using the stairwell up the middle in order to access any of the three openings. Be careful, though! Falling or being knocked off the cliff can not only cause damage, but it can also hinder a successful offensive against or defense of the base.

Dragonmaw Clan Compound

Acting as the Horde base in the south, the Dragonmaw Clan Compound sits over a body of water into which the valley's river feeds. With three entrances to the compound, players have a few means of getting inside. One entrance on the southeast side requires riding up an incline and crossing a knee-deep river. A second entrance is through a water pipeline leading from the surrounding lake, while the main entrance can be accessed via a bridge over the waterfront. You'll want to be aware of your surroundings when you use the main entrance, though, because players can be knocked down into the water, slowing their advance or crippling their defense.

Those who seek to control Twin Peaks will face an intense battle. The lands surrounding this ever-troubled location are key strategic strongholds of Deathwing and all of his followers. The Twilight Highlands are as rich with history as they are fraught with disaster and tragedy. Will the Dragonmaw clan, reinforced by Garrosh's Horde, take control? Or will it be the Wildhammer dwarves, reunited with their Ironforge brethren and accepted into the Alliance, who seize the peaks?



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