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Friday, March 5, 2010

GTA V announcement to be made

Rockstar "building suspension for a pre-E3 GTA V announcement," says analyst.

Rockstar will most likely announce GTA V before this year's E3 show in June, according to Janco Partner analyst Mike Hickey:

"Assuming GTA V is in their fiscal '11 period as we have currently modeled, [Take-Two Interactive] should be highly profitable, and likely in excess of current street consensus,"

"With the RAGE engine built, the next GTA release should drop faster and require less development expense. Importantly, the Rockstar team is newly incentivized through profitability versus a unit sales approach.

"We believe there is building suspension for a pre-E3 GTA V announcement," he said, adding: "We expect nothing from Rockstar at this year's official E3 event."

He added: "We think the next iteration of GTA for console can significantly outsell its predecessor, reflecting on the sales acceleration of the prior cycle GTA console iterations, [and] an accelerating core gamer installed base (with an emphasis on PS3 installed expansion where GTA has historically dominated relatively)."

So it`s clearly the next GTA trailer will stir the blood in gamers like all the previous, but will it get back on track and release something to match Vice City`s popularity or will it be another fiasco (just my opinion)? Care to voice yours?

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