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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

NFS: World Online Beta opt-in.

Electronic Arts gives players an early chance to try out massively multiplayer online racer, full release set for summer.

Gamers looking to kick the tires on Electronic Arts' massively multiplayer online racing game Need for Speed: World are about to get their chance.
Electronic Arts today announced a new round of closed beta testing for the game, inviting would-be players to sign up for a testing slot at the game's official Web site.

While the game will let players compete online in standard Need for Speed drag, drift, and checkpoint races, it also adds a few tweaks to the series' formula. For example, a new power-up system will give players access to a number of new abilities, from turbo boosts to a "traffic magnet" that draws racers into a tight pack. There's even a power-up to add a lap to a race so lagging players have some extra time to catch up. The other big addition to the series is a stat-progression feature that lets players level up their cars as well as their drivers.

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