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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Signed, sealed, delivered - Bad Company 2 .

The ultimate modern warfare


Gameplay in Battlefield: Bad Company 2
resembles the of the original and takes you through various environments such as South America`s jungles, mountainous regions along the borders of Russia, snow-capped mountains in Alaska and even the desert. Bad Company 2`s level of destruction is extended - players can now completely collapse a building as opposed to only blowing out walls. New vehicles such as the UH-60, a quad bike, a two-man patrol boat, a personal watercraft, an AA-gun mounted on a light tank, a UAV Helicopter controlled via computer and an ATV.


The single player campaign has 13 missions, featuring the same characters from the first game. The game's prologue takes place on a Japanese island in the Pacific during World War II. It introduces you to “Aurora”, a secret weapon with incredible power, which drives the campaign, and has Bad Company move along the west coast of North and South America, confronting both the Russian army and an unnamed South American militia, which is on the Russians` payroll.

You are Preston Marlow who is part of B-Company squad, a group of misfits and Army rejects. The campaign is more linear than the first, so your experience will be „more scripted” but still keeping the missions very exciting and also keeping your freedom of choice on how to manage situations intact.

„All of these features combine to deliver spectacular and unpredictable action moments found nowhere else in a modern warfare experience.” - couldn`t agree more.

Signed, sealed, delivered .

Love the variety of weapons, high tech army equipment and the environment. Chances to get bored are very slim since after a snow-full experience you get to boat ride the rivers of South America or step on it with an ATV through the desert sands.

The dialogue and cinematic could very well make a nice entertainment movie, filled with clever punch lines and authenticity, meaning you hear a lot of „fuck” and „shit”, which is totally understandable in sticky extreme situations, I mean, would you have time to mind your language in the battlefield?

Now here come the dislikes: too much cinematic in the beginning and at first I was afraid the whole campaign will be like that, lucky they were entertaining. Enemies don`t take cover when reloading…but guess what…? Sometimes, your conpany aims so well they couldn`t hit a mammoth from 10 yards.

Enjoy this awesome game and remember what mommy said when you were little and about to leave the house: “watch out for RPGs, snipers, heavy armored vehicles and collapsing buildings”.

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