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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mafia 2 `s main storyline,15 hours long .

'Critical path' will take over half a day to complete, says 2K

In an interview for Xbox World 360 Magazine, Alex Cox from 2k said the main story of Mafia 2 will take 15 hours to walk through:

"I'd say the critical path is about 15 hours, maybe a bit longer. It's a nice length, big enough to feel epic without overstaying its welcome."

In it`s previous peek at Mafia 2 the magazine said that the in-game "dynamite shootouts" make Take-Two or GTA IV look "dated".

"We were blown away by both the visual fidelity and intricacy of the level design," the mag said. "As Vito, Steve, Joey and troops poured forward to bout the Brylcreemed baddies, GTA IV seemed very dated indeed."

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