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Monday, March 8, 2010

Bad news for girlfriends.Mafia II and Playboy together.

2K announced that it's teamed up with Playboy to include more than 50 "vintage covers and centrefolds" in Mafia II.

2K`s open-world effort will allow players to collect virtual 50s copies of the iconic jazz mag.

"While most mob-inspired games' emphasis is solely on action, Mafia II features a deep and compelling narrative that is embellished with a sophisticated, era-evoking atmosphere," 2K president Christoph Hartmann said of the deal.

"In partnering with Playboy, we are able to add a unique element of authenticity to the game by using vintage images from the magazine that illustrate the power of Playboy's influence on the attitudes and culture of that generation."

So,at the end of this year,when the game is expected for release,we will feast our eyes on the 50s centerfold beauties.As if it wasn`t already hard enough for some girlfriends to get their men off the video games = )

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